Social Media Tips for Spa and Salon Owners

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If you run a spa or salon and are looking for social media tips, you have come to the right spot. Social media is a perfect customer engagement and customer building platform. We think Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest are perfect platforms for any spa or salon.  Here are some ideas to use social media to help promote your spa or salon business.

Show Off Your Different Treatments/End Products

People want to see the end products and different treatments available. Spas can show their massages, hot stones and other treatments in the process. Salons can include the before, during and after of their hair treatments, whether it is highlights, a complete dye-job or just a trim. Photos are excellent ways to show your skills, especially with your actual customers. However, you will need to make sure you get your customers’ permissions to use the photos.

Put Faces to Your Business

Use the photos as a chance to introduce your staff. With Pinterest, you just use a photo with a small lead-in and then link it to the staff member’s page on your website. With Facebook and Google+, you can go into more detail about the member of staff. Show off the skills and the type of work that staff member does.

Pinterest allows you to create boards within your full account. Set up separate boards for each staff member so you can have the professional shot and then include shots of that staff member at work. It will build trust with your followers and they can see everything that the staff member is capable of doing.

Share Photos of Your Spa or Salon

This is more important for spas than salons but will still work for both. People want to be able to feel relaxed. They want to see that somewhere as a beautiful ambiance before they step through the doors. You can show this with photos of the different treatment rooms and lounge areas inside the business. These photos can be included as you talk about the different types of treatments available; and show the before and after shots.

Social media is excellent for visually appealing businesses, which is exactly what spas and salons offer. Pinterest and Facebook are two of the best options to entice people and make them feel welcome and relaxed. Share your treatment rooms, your services, and introduce your staff to build trust.

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Image credit: Grand Velas Riviera Maya via Flickr

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