4 Tips to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

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Whether you are freelancing, looking for work, or want to build a network of like-minded individuals, LinkedIn is the place to be. This social networking site has often been dubbed as the professional version of Facebook. Your profile is the place to add all your details and make yourself stand out from the crowd and here are four tips to make it amazing. It’s time to give that profile a makeover.

Pick the Right Photo

You need to update your photo regularly. Now remember that this is a professional site so it needs to show you off professionally and personally. Avoid group shots and those with your partner and make sure the image is not blurry.

Think About Your Summary

Your summary is just that – a brief introduction to you. Sum up the best things about you in a few words. Share your accomplishments and your specialties. This needs to be updated every year if you want employers and other professionals to take you seriously. Proofread this part about yourself. Nothing says you don’t really care like bad spelling and grammar.

Watch Out for the Buzzwords

Are you experienced? Do you have a lot of motivation? Are you creative and organizational? If you write any of those in your profile, you’re using buzzwords and they do you no favors. People use them so much that they no longer mean anything. Instead of telling people about you as a person, tell them about your accomplishments. Did you lead a group of people? Have you launched a new product successfully? Did you start your own blog?

Don’t Forget About Your Volunteering Work

If you love volunteering, this is the place to showcase that. Employers love people who are willing to help others and you may have offers from other companies to do similar roles. The best thing is that you gain so many skills that can be transferred into the workplace. If you have a gap in your employment, consider volunteering your time so you can cover that gap while you search for work. It looks much better to a potential employer.

Give your LinkedIn profile a makeover and show off your skills. Don’t let it sit stagnant on the social media site. Regularly updating it, while keeping it professional, is beneficial. You will get jobs, clients or just network with others for the future.

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