5 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Sites

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How To Promote Your Social Media Sites

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Looking for five ways to promote your social media sites? Here you go!

You’ve taken the time to get your social media sites set up and you are updating your content regularly. Hooray. I am proud of you. So now you want to get the word out about your sites to your current customers and prospects. How do you do it? Here are five easy ways you to promote your social media sites.

Include Social Media Links on Your Webpage
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised the number of times I don’t see social media links or icons on people’s webpages. A great free widget that you can use in WordPress is Flare. Flare lets you customize button shape, size, and color and is super easy to use if you have any familiarity with WordPress. If you have a web guy or gal that takes care of your webpage, just send them the links to your social media sites and they can take care of it for you.

Add Links to Them in Your Email Signature
Every time you send an email, it’s an opportunity for you to promote your business and your social media sites. This is why you should be including links to your social media sites in your e-mail signature. Once you set up your email signature, it automatically appears on every email you send. It can be as easy as using a simple text-based format with hotlinks in the text. If you want to step it up a notch, use an app like WiseStamp, which will create a sharp looking email signature complete with social media icons.

Include Links In Your Newsletters
If you send out an e-mail or print newsletter, be sure to announce your social media sites and invite your readers to connect with you on those platforms. A simple call to action such as “like our Facebook page” can  encourage people to visit your page. If you use your social media sites to announce sales and special offers, be sure to include that as a tempting carrot for your readers to get them to like your page.

Cross Promote Among Your Sites
Within each platform, include links to your other social media sites. For example in the Facebook “About” section you can include links to your other social media sites. On your LinkedIn page there are spots where you can link to an additional webpage. Make the first one point to your business webpage and then customize the rest to point to your social media sites.

Include Links In Your Marketing Materials
If you maintain service sheets or a standard statement of qualifications, be sure to include social media icons on those documents. The same goes for any company procures, mailers or ads. You can do it very subtly and it is another way for prospective clients to connect with you and learn more about your products and services.

There you go: five things you can do right now to promote your social media sites. What are your favorite ways to share your social media sites? Come on over to our Facebook page and leave a little note.


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