Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents


Insurance companies are a necessary part of life. It does not matter if you drive, need medical cover or want to protect your home, people need insurance of one type or another. But how do you promote your business to get them to come? Social media offers a great platform for this and here are some tips to use it fully to your advantage.

Offer People Valuable Tips

Customers want to know more about how to reduce their insurance costs. This is not just about shopping around for the best price. They want to know what they can do during the year to convince insurers they’re not a high risk. Offer them tips on your social media page. Another idea is to link to blog posts on your Twitter feed about how to drive safely or keep your home safe and share commercial business tips on your Facebook fan page.

As people see that you’re offering them valuable information, they’re more likely to trust you. This leads to them choosing you to insure them in the future. You also get a good reputation for trying to help people save money and become safer on the road, protect their home or just keep themselves fit and healthy.

Share Your Insurance Knowledge

The world of insurance is tricky. The typical customer may not understand the nuances of different types of coverage and may not end up getting enough coverage for their personal or commercial needs. Be helpful and breakdown the policies, terms, and meanings in ways that your potential customers can understand. Like offering the tips above, you become more trustworthy. People can make well-informed decisions and they’ll trust and buy from you in the future.

Highlight Your Staff Members

People want to know that there is a person behind the computer. Sure, they may get to talk to a representative but they just hear a voice. Have photos of your staff members and small bios through your Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ pages. You can create a board on Pinterest specifically for showing off your staff and link back to the website for the bio. As people get to know you, they’ll trust you more.

Social media gives you the opportunity to appear more human and offer value. Share your tips to help your customers keep their insurance costs to a minimum. Engagement and these helpful insights will soon see you beating your competition.

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Social Media Tips for Spa and Salon Owners


If you run a spa or salon and are looking for social media tips, you have come to the right spot. Social media is a perfect customer engagement and customer building platform. We think Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest are perfect platforms for any spa or salon.  Here are some ideas to use social media to help promote your spa or salon business.

Show Off Your Different Treatments/End Products

People want to see the end products and different treatments available. Spas can show their massages, hot stones and other treatments in the process. Salons can include the before, during and after of their hair treatments, whether it is highlights, a complete dye-job or just a trim. Photos are excellent ways to show your skills, especially with your actual customers. However, you will need to make sure you get your customers’ permissions to use the photos.

Put Faces to Your Business

Use the photos as a chance to introduce your staff. With Pinterest, you just use a photo with a small lead-in and then link it to the staff member’s page on your website. With Facebook and Google+, you can go into more detail about the member of staff. Show off the skills and the type of work that staff member does.

Pinterest allows you to create boards within your full account. Set up separate boards for each staff member so you can have the professional shot and then include shots of that staff member at work. It will build trust with your followers and they can see everything that the staff member is capable of doing.

Share Photos of Your Spa or Salon

This is more important for spas than salons but will still work for both. People want to be able to feel relaxed. They want to see that somewhere as a beautiful ambiance before they step through the doors. You can show this with photos of the different treatment rooms and lounge areas inside the business. These photos can be included as you talk about the different types of treatments available; and show the before and after shots.

Social media is excellent for visually appealing businesses, which is exactly what spas and salons offer. Pinterest and Facebook are two of the best options to entice people and make them feel welcome and relaxed. Share your treatment rooms, your services, and introduce your staff to build trust.

Need help getting started on social media or maintaining your current social media sites? We can help. Contact us today for a customized quote for social media services.

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Three Way to Promote Your Content


If you are looking for ways to promote your blog content, look no further. When you create content, you want it to be read. It does not matter if it is a blog post, a press release about a new product or a review that someone has created for you. You need to get it out there, share it in every way possible, and encourage people to click the link. Here are three ways to get your content read.

Share It With Your Email List

If you already have an email list, use that to share your content. Your email list is full of people who want to hear from you; they want to read something that you’ve posted. Add a small lead-in to the article, blog post, or press release and then share the link.

Use Social Media to Increase the Reach

Social media is an excellent way to get your content read. There are different platforms and each are great for different types of content and different ways of posting. Make sure you include an image so you can post it on Pinterest and think about the hashtags for Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook. It will take time to build up followings on the different sites but great content shortens that time. Give people something valuable to read. The best thing about social media is you can post more than once per day; and you should post often.

Text the Link to Subscribers

Mobile marketing is still popular and texting offers a great way to send the link directly to phones. The best thing about this is that you reach the recipient straight away and they’re more likely to click the link there and then. With smartphones, it’s easy to view a link on their screen. Make sure where the link is posted is suitable for mobile viewing and introduce your content as you would with email. This is a very private way to contact people and they may feel put-off if they don’t remember who you are!

These are just three ways to share your content but there are many more. Utilize the different options to benefit and get your content read!

Need help generating quality content that is highly sharable? Learn about our blog writing services.

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Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents


Facebook pages are excellent for business. They give individuals and companies the chance to share promotions, listings, products and services to the masses, while engaging with their followers. When it comes to real estate, Facebook is an excellent social media network to use. Here are some tips for real estate agents to use Facebook pages to their advantage.

Showcase Their Listings

 The best tip is to use the page to showcase new listings. As soon as something new is added to the portfolio, it is time to start marketing – it is much easier to sell a property within the first month! Facebook opens the floor for people to quickly ask questions and find out more, so check the page often to send replies. It is completely free to use and add as many pictures as possible; showing different aspects of the same property than on other listings.

Highlight Features within the Properties

The problem with marketing websites is highlighting specific features. If the property is old, there will likely be beautiful archways over the doors or a basement space for conversions. If the property is new, there could be a beautiful view to highlight or a special addition added that other properties in the area don’t have. Facebook makes it so much easier to highlight these features, by added photos of the details up-close. It also opens the ability for people to quickly ask questions.

Highlight the Neighborhood

The property is not the only thing people worry about. To really sell it, real estate agents need to highlight the area around. Facebook is the perfect place for this. You can share photos of the town center, neighborhood parks, schools and more. It is a great way to entice people to at least come and view the property and help to sell it. You can also share good news reports about the area, which will help encourage people to buy.

Social media is great when used correctly. Facebook pages are excellent for real estate agents. You can share as many photos as you wish and answer questions in real time to encourage more buyers to view. Whenever you have a new listing, get it up on your Facebook page immediately to help it sell quicker.

Are you looking to start or expand your social media presence for your real estate firm? We can help. Learn more about our services and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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Four Ways Restaurants and Cafes Can Use Facebook


Facebook is the most popular of all social media websites. It is also extremely convenient for businesses to promote their services. Restaurants and cafes have an excellent opportunity with their Facebook pages. Here are just four ways to use the system to promote your services and products.

Showcase your Food and Beverages

Presentation is extremely important when it comes to food and drink. Good presentation makes food look delicious and encourages people to go to you for it. Add photos of your excellently-presented food and show off the type of meals you create. Not only does this entice people to buy, it also shows them what they can expect from the items on a menu.

Show the Ambiance

Add photos of your restaurant or cafe on the website. Make sure you get the shots while they are in good light and have a mixture of the inside and outside of the building. People want somewhere that they can enjoy a meal and the lighting and style will play an important part of this. If you host any special events, include a few photos for your customers to tag themselves into and share with their friends. You could also show a few behind-the-scene shots. Let customers see chefs in action or the other employees getting ready for an event.

Highlight an Employee

Every week or every month, have an employee spotlight. You could have one of your members of staff come on the page to answer any questions that customers may have. They can share their day and why they love working for the company. If you do an employee of the month, highlight that employee in a spotlight and share why you are so proud of them.

Engage with Other Businesses

Join in with other businesses around the area. This is great for networking and setting up special deals. For example, if you have a cinema in the area you could set up a deal where customers get half-priced meals with a cinema ticket. You will need to promote events from the businesses that you “like” and they will do the same for you to help you gain more exposure and a better reputation.

Facebook pages are an excellent way to reach out to people. Use the ideas above and encourage more people to try your food and drink.

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4 Tips to Create an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are freelancing, looking for work, or want to build a network of like-minded individuals, LinkedIn is the place to be. This social networking site has often been dubbed as the professional version of Facebook. Your profile is the place to add all your details and make yourself stand out from the crowd and here are four tips to make it amazing. It’s time to give that profile a makeover.

Pick the Right Photo

You need to update your photo regularly. Now remember that this is a professional site so it needs to show you off professionally and personally. Avoid group shots and those with your partner and make sure the image is not blurry.

Think About Your Summary

Your summary is just that – a brief introduction to you. Sum up the best things about you in a few words. Share your accomplishments and your specialties. This needs to be updated every year if you want employers and other professionals to take you seriously. Proofread this part about yourself. Nothing says you don’t really care like bad spelling and grammar.

Watch Out for the Buzzwords

Are you experienced? Do you have a lot of motivation? Are you creative and organizational? If you write any of those in your profile, you’re using buzzwords and they do you no favors. People use them so much that they no longer mean anything. Instead of telling people about you as a person, tell them about your accomplishments. Did you lead a group of people? Have you launched a new product successfully? Did you start your own blog?

Don’t Forget About Your Volunteering Work

If you love volunteering, this is the place to showcase that. Employers love people who are willing to help others and you may have offers from other companies to do similar roles. The best thing is that you gain so many skills that can be transferred into the workplace. If you have a gap in your employment, consider volunteering your time so you can cover that gap while you search for work. It looks much better to a potential employer.

Give your LinkedIn profile a makeover and show off your skills. Don’t let it sit stagnant on the social media site. Regularly updating it, while keeping it professional, is beneficial. You will get jobs, clients or just network with others for the future.

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How to Make Free Word Clouds for Blog Posts


Hello fellow word nerds.

Today I am going to show you how to make free word clouds for blog posts and social media updates.

Have you seen those cool customized word clouds floating around the Internet? Like the one right above? Well, you can make your own with a cool free online tool called Wordle.

It’s easy. Just go to the Wordle web page and enter a list of words. If you want certain words to be larger in your cloud, put them in the list a few times. In the example above, I listed all the words once, except social media, which I listed three times.

You can tweak the fonts, layouts, and colors too. Once you like it, you save it to a public folder and Wordle give you custom html code that you can paste right into your blog post.

To make a .jpg, I had to do a little work around. I did a screen shot of the Wordle and then pasted that into GIMP 2 (a free online photo editing tool) and then cropped it. From there, I exported it as a .jpg file.

Visuals are a great way to engage your viewers and add more interest to your blog entries and social media posts. Wordle can be a fun addition to your graphics.

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How to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Are you ready to learn how to create free Facebook timeline cover images? OK. I’ll show you. Yep, we are going video with today’s blog post. I will show you, step-by-step how to create a perfectly-sized Facebook timeline cover image with PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is an easy-to-use website that lets you edit photos, create collages, and do other fun things with your images. One of the cool things about PicMonkey is they have a collage option that is sized perfectly for your Facebook timeline cover image. Thanks nice PicMonkey people!

With dimensions of 851 X 315 pixels, your timeline cover image takes up a lot of real estate on your Facebook page. It’s wise to have a fun and engaging cover image that represents your brand, products and services.

Are you ready to start making your cool free graphics? Watch this video to get started.

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5 Ways to Promote Your Social Media Sites

How To Promote Your Social Media Sites

image credit: Dmitriy Pinchuk

Looking for five ways to promote your social media sites? Here you go!

You’ve taken the time to get your social media sites set up and you are updating your content regularly. Hooray. I am proud of you. So now you want to get the word out about your sites to your current customers and prospects. How do you do it? Here are five easy ways you to promote your social media sites.

Include Social Media Links on Your Webpage
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised the number of times I don’t see social media links or icons on people’s webpages. A great free widget that you can use in WordPress is Flare. Flare lets you customize button shape, size, and color and is super easy to use if you have any familiarity with WordPress. If you have a web guy or gal that takes care of your webpage, just send them the links to your social media sites and they can take care of it for you.

Add Links to Them in Your Email Signature
Every time you send an email, it’s an opportunity for you to promote your business and your social media sites. This is why you should be including links to your social media sites in your e-mail signature. Once you set up your email signature, it automatically appears on every email you send. It can be as easy as using a simple text-based format with hotlinks in the text. If you want to step it up a notch, use an app like WiseStamp, which will create a sharp looking email signature complete with social media icons.

Include Links In Your Newsletters
If you send out an e-mail or print newsletter, be sure to announce your social media sites and invite your readers to connect with you on those platforms. A simple call to action such as “like our Facebook page” can  encourage people to visit your page. If you use your social media sites to announce sales and special offers, be sure to include that as a tempting carrot for your readers to get them to like your page.

Cross Promote Among Your Sites
Within each platform, include links to your other social media sites. For example in the Facebook “About” section you can include links to your other social media sites. On your LinkedIn page there are spots where you can link to an additional webpage. Make the first one point to your business webpage and then customize the rest to point to your social media sites.

Include Links In Your Marketing Materials
If you maintain service sheets or a standard statement of qualifications, be sure to include social media icons on those documents. The same goes for any company procures, mailers or ads. You can do it very subtly and it is another way for prospective clients to connect with you and learn more about your products and services.

There you go: five things you can do right now to promote your social media sites. What are your favorite ways to share your social media sites? Come on over to our Facebook page and leave a little note.


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How to Schedule Facebook Updates [VIDEO]

One of the biggest challenges that I hear from my clients is that they do not have time to long onto social media everyday to post their updates. For those of you on Facebook, there is a little tool that you can use to schedule your social media updates.

This is a great time-saver and is what I do myself. I sit down once a week and prepare my content for my Facebook updates. Then, I get them all scheduled, customizing the times, so they will roll out through the week.  Consistent posting in social media is important, as it keeps your message, services and products fresh in the eyes of your customers and prospects.

In this video I show you, step-by-step, how to schedule your Facebook posts.

Still do not have time to write or post your updates? I can help. I currently help clients across a range of industries prepare and schedule their social media updates. Feel free to contact me for a custom quote.

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Note: This is my first time doing a “how-to” video. I am giving Camtasia a test drive and figured the easiest way to learn was to just do it.

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