Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Facebook pages are excellent for business. They give individuals and companies the chance to share promotions, listings, products and services to the masses, while engaging with their followers. When it comes to real estate, Facebook is an excellent social media network to use. Here are some tips for real estate agents to use Facebook pages to their advantage.

Showcase Their Listings

 The best tip is to use the page to showcase new listings. As soon as something new is added to the portfolio, it is time to start marketing – it is much easier to sell a property within the first month! Facebook opens the floor for people to quickly ask questions and find out more, so check the page often to send replies. It is completely free to use and add as many pictures as possible; showing different aspects of the same property than on other listings.

Highlight Features within the Properties

The problem with marketing websites is highlighting specific features. If the property is old, there will likely be beautiful archways over the doors or a basement space for conversions. If the property is new, there could be a beautiful view to highlight or a special addition added that other properties in the area don’t have. Facebook makes it so much easier to highlight these features, by added photos of the details up-close. It also opens the ability for people to quickly ask questions.

Highlight the Neighborhood

The property is not the only thing people worry about. To really sell it, real estate agents need to highlight the area around. Facebook is the perfect place for this. You can share photos of the town center, neighborhood parks, schools and more. It is a great way to entice people to at least come and view the property and help to sell it. You can also share good news reports about the area, which will help encourage people to buy.

Social media is great when used correctly. Facebook pages are excellent for real estate agents. You can share as many photos as you wish and answer questions in real time to encourage more buyers to view. Whenever you have a new listing, get it up on your Facebook page immediately to help it sell quicker.

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