Four Ways Restaurants and Cafes Can Use Facebook

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Facebook is the most popular of all social media websites. It is also extremely convenient for businesses to promote their services. Restaurants and cafes have an excellent opportunity with their Facebook pages. Here are just four ways to use the system to promote your services and products.

Showcase your Food and Beverages

Presentation is extremely important when it comes to food and drink. Good presentation makes food look delicious and encourages people to go to you for it. Add photos of your excellently-presented food and show off the type of meals you create. Not only does this entice people to buy, it also shows them what they can expect from the items on a menu.

Show the Ambiance

Add photos of your restaurant or cafe on the website. Make sure you get the shots while they are in good light and have a mixture of the inside and outside of the building. People want somewhere that they can enjoy a meal and the lighting and style will play an important part of this. If you host any special events, include a few photos for your customers to tag themselves into and share with their friends. You could also show a few behind-the-scene shots. Let customers see chefs in action or the other employees getting ready for an event.

Highlight an Employee

Every week or every month, have an employee spotlight. You could have one of your members of staff come on the page to answer any questions that customers may have. They can share their day and why they love working for the company. If you do an employee of the month, highlight that employee in a spotlight and share why you are so proud of them.

Engage with Other Businesses

Join in with other businesses around the area. This is great for networking and setting up special deals. For example, if you have a cinema in the area you could set up a deal where customers get half-priced meals with a cinema ticket. You will need to promote events from the businesses that you “like” and they will do the same for you to help you gain more exposure and a better reputation.

Facebook pages are an excellent way to reach out to people. Use the ideas above and encourage more people to try your food and drink.

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