How to Make Free Word Clouds for Blog Posts

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Hello fellow word nerds.

Today I am going to show you how to make free word clouds for blog posts and social media updates.

Have you seen those cool customized word clouds floating around the Internet? Like the one right above? Well, you can make your own with a cool free online tool called Wordle.

It’s easy. Just go to the Wordle web page and enter a list of words. If you want certain words to be larger in your cloud, put them in the list a few times. In the example above, I listed all the words once, except social media, which I listed three times.

You can tweak the fonts, layouts, and colors too. Once you like it, you save it to a public folder and Wordle give you custom html code that you can paste right into your blog post.

To make a .jpg, I had to do a little work around. I did a screen shot of the Wordle and then pasted that into GIMP 2 (a free online photo editing tool) and then cropped it. From there, I exported it as a .jpg file.

Visuals are a great way to engage your viewers and add more interest to your blog entries and social media posts. Wordle can be a fun addition to your graphics.

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