Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

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Insurance companies are a necessary part of life. It does not matter if you drive, need medical cover or want to protect your home, people need insurance of one type or another. But how do you promote your business to get them to come? Social media offers a great platform for this and here are some tips to use it fully to your advantage.

Offer People Valuable Tips

Customers want to know more about how to reduce their insurance costs. This is not just about shopping around for the best price. They want to know what they can do during the year to convince insurers they’re not a high risk. Offer them tips on your social media page. Another idea is to link to blog posts on your Twitter feed about how to drive safely or keep your home safe and share commercial business tips on your Facebook fan page.

As people see that you’re offering them valuable information, they’re more likely to trust you. This leads to them choosing you to insure them in the future. You also get a good reputation for trying to help people save money and become safer on the road, protect their home or just keep themselves fit and healthy.

Share Your Insurance Knowledge

The world of insurance is tricky. The typical customer may not understand the nuances of different types of coverage and may not end up getting enough coverage for their personal or commercial needs. Be helpful and breakdown the policies, terms, and meanings in ways that your potential customers can understand. Like offering the tips above, you become more trustworthy. People can make well-informed decisions and they’ll trust and buy from you in the future.

Highlight Your Staff Members

People want to know that there is a person behind the computer. Sure, they may get to talk to a representative but they just hear a voice. Have photos of your staff members and small bios through your Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ pages. You can create a board on Pinterest specifically for showing off your staff and link back to the website for the bio. As people get to know you, they’ll trust you more.

Social media gives you the opportunity to appear more human and offer value. Share your tips to help your customers keep their insurance costs to a minimum. Engagement and these helpful insights will soon see you beating your competition.

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