Three Way to Promote Your Content

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If you are looking for ways to promote your blog content, look no further. When you create content, you want it to be read. It does not matter if it is a blog post, a press release about a new product or a review that someone has created for you. You need to get it out there, share it in every way possible, and encourage people to click the link. Here are three ways to get your content read.

Share It With Your Email List

If you already have an email list, use that to share your content. Your email list is full of people who want to hear from you; they want to read something that you’ve posted. Add a small lead-in to the article, blog post, or press release and then share the link.

Use Social Media to Increase the Reach

Social media is an excellent way to get your content read. There are different platforms and each are great for different types of content and different ways of posting. Make sure you include an image so you can post it on Pinterest and think about the hashtags for Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook. It will take time to build up followings on the different sites but great content shortens that time. Give people something valuable to read. The best thing about social media is you can post more than once per day; and you should post often.

Text the Link to Subscribers

Mobile marketing is still popular and texting offers a great way to send the link directly to phones. The best thing about this is that you reach the recipient straight away and they’re more likely to click the link there and then. With smartphones, it’s easy to view a link on their screen. Make sure where the link is posted is suitable for mobile viewing and introduce your content as you would with email. This is a very private way to contact people and they may feel put-off if they don’t remember who you are!

These are just three ways to share your content but there are many more. Utilize the different options to benefit and get your content read!

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